We are a full service recording facility and can deliver sound in any modern file format, and even do transfers of many older formats to digital. We still have Sony/MCI 24trk analog, 16 Trk 1/2 inch Fostex, 8trk ¼ inch Fostex, 2trk ¼ inch Tascam, Alesis Adat, and Tascam D-88.

We use Presonus mixing consoles and record on the Sonar Platinum Software. Microphones by AKG, Neumann, Shure, Sennheiser, and Studio Project. Our main studio has a Korg Oasis Digital keyboard with many sounds including a very nice sampled Grand Piano.

Our monitors in both our studios are Tannoy Active Surround Monitors with bass management controllers. Good sound and comfort is our motto!

Dick Orr in Rich Ford Studio John Pesci with John Wagner during movie recording In studio with clients Tina Fey with John Wagner